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Pay a Visit

A visit of yours can be a ray of hope for the Inmates. Your presence will be welcomed like a very dear one’s.

Sponsoring the entire expenses of a patient

It is possible with an amount of Rs. 8,500/- online donation for senior citizens & old Age India

Share a happy moment

Let the celebrations in your life bring a message too. Be it your birthday, wedding anniversary or any other pleasant moment that is worth celebrating. Offer the Inmates a day’s meals (at an affordable expense).

Provide Food 

  • For our 110 inmates
  • Sponsoring a day’s meal will be at Rs 7,500/- .
  • Break fast at Rs 2,000/- each
  • Lunch at Rs 5,500/-
  • Ordinary Lunch at Rs 3,500/-
  • Dinner at Rs 2,000/-
  • (for your birthdays, wedding days and other special occasions)


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