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Our Vision

Charity in India to Help Mentally ill People


Objectives of United Charity in India

  • To  Provide the medical care and counseling.
  • To Provide physical care and psychological support to the Mentally Ill Persons.
  • Provide health care environment, nutritional food and residential care for the mentally ill persons.
  • Train in personality development for Mentally retarded.
  • Make the person independent.
  • Integrate the Mentally ill person with his family/community, which is the ultimate aim of holistic rehabilitation.
  • To provide family support service to persons with disabilities living in their own homes.
  • To support and provide early intervention programs.

Our Charity Vision is that each and every person has got social responsibility and especially those persons who had an opportunity to get better education and living conditions, they should extend a helping hand to those less fortunate people who are very much below in the society and show light to their lives so that these less fortunate children can also get an opportunity to lead to happy and peaceful life and thus bring down the social imbalance which is the root cause for the current day turmoil in the society. These persons are shown light they too can lead a decent living and become good citizen of India.

These objectives can be achieved only if educated and elite people take the responsibility and lead the path for these abandoned persons of the society.

With this objective in view, this United Home for Adult Mentally ill was started. Our mission and vision is to make people all over the world to participate in this noble cause and thus contribute to bring down the social imbalance  in the society which ultimately bring in peace in the society.

Charitable Trust  in India to Help Mentally ill People


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