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Social Worker Honoured



  •   National and State Awards (Twice)
  •   Tamil Nadu Government Award for Best Social  Service in 2004
  •   Tamil Nadu Social Service Award in March 2002
  •   Raja Sir Muthaiah Chettiar Award for Social  Work in September 1997
  •   National Unity Award in June 1999
  •   Outstanding Achievements Award in March 1998
  •   Bharath Vikas Award in 2003.
  •   Mother Teresa Award for Social Work in December 2005.
  •   Outstanding Personality Award from Management Studies Promotion Institute (MSPI), New Delhi in 1998
  •   Best Environmentalist Award from Govt. of India in October 1996
  •   Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Award for Services to Lepers in September 1995
  •   TOYI Award of Jaycees Club for excellent social Service.


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